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In 2018, the Chinese economy went through a year when the internal and external environment was complicated and changeable, and the downward pressure on its real economy increased. In the face of the continued slowdown in macroeconomic growth and the sluggish growth of the traditional media industry, the Group has demonstrated high stress tolerance and resilience. We promoted firmly the existing strategy with providing inter-screen creative communication services as the core and continuously optimized media products to maintain the leading market share of TV advertising which is our core business. And we appropriately adjusted the business structure, improved operational efficiency, and continuously increased the property rental income and fund management income.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, SinoMedia has accumulated over 3,000 clients at home and abroad with professional and efficient communication services and up-to-date business strategies. In the era of the integrated development of media, SinoMedia has tracked market demand, adapted to market changes, and always adhered to the client-oriented product and service strategy to promote the deep integration and efficient communication of brand and high-quality content.

As one of CCTV’s largest TV advertising agencies, we have strengthened the incentive mechanism associated with work performance and personal income, increased professional training on marketing cases and creative planning, and attracted more brand clients to place TV commercials with innovative marketing strategies and media product portfolios, achieving continuous growth in the quantity and quality of clients, and always maintaining an absolute advantage in the field of city tourism brand communication.

In 2018, we continued to actively enhance its creative production and communication capabilities, developed content operation business, by which we completed the planning, filming and promotion of film and television products and creative content for many clients to enhance their brand value with our innovative capabilities. The “Bond with China (中國緣)”program jointly produced by the Group and CCTV has a total of 33 episodes, totaling approximately 900 minutes, which were broadcast on CCTV-4 Chinese International Channel during the Spring Festival and National Day of 2018 and the Spring Festival of 2019. The program has received good audience rating and public praise.

The Group has steadily carried out digital marketing business, continued to optimize and upgrade the self-developed intelligent programming advertising placement platform, continuously improved the integrated internet service capability through big data and precise placement technology, so as to provide clients with one-stop digital marketing solutions. The Group’s (播視網), (樂途旅遊網) and  (吾谷網) continued to focus on their respective vertical fields, and integrated online platform content and offline activity resources, realizing steady growth in website traffic. Among them, the Children’s Fun Channel (童趣頻道) and the Square Dance Channel (廣場舞頻道) of have formed a series of contents, and have been distributed through PC, mobile WAP, APP, self-media accounts and other channels, with their spreading capacity and influence continuing to expand.

Looking forward to 2019, the continuous slowdown in macroeconomic trends, the tension in international trade and the decline in domestic consumption growth will all add great pressure and uncertainty to the Group’s short-term business performance, but we have always had confidence in and good expectations on the medium and long-term prosperity of the Chinese economy. In 2019, the Group obtained the exclusive underwriting of  operating the full channel resources of CCTV-14 Children’s Channel. At the same time, the Group will continue to nurture and develop content creativity and creation, based on the accumulated media experience and client base, using brand creative communication and IP development to accelerate the expansion of industrial development space in cultural tourism and consumer goods markets. We will, focusing on the existing advantages and the core competitiveness, further stimulate the team’s innovative vitality, actively carry out external cooperation, strive to maintain a stable operation during the economic down cycle, and lay a foundation for the medium and long-term development of the Group through the development of new growth points.

Chen Xin
Chairman of the Board

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